Saturday, September 10, 2011

{ big changes }

Mmm..I love cozying up in bed, burning a fall scented candle and blogging :) Fall is definatly my favorite season, and this fall there have been many changes in my life. To start off, I am now officially a high school student! I moved from a smaller junior high where I knew a ton of people, to a huge high school where I knew all of four people. But I was defintaly ready for a clean slate, and a new beginning. I started high school about a week ago, and it's going alright. Not fantastic, but not terrible. I am slowly making friends in my classes, but I feel like everyone knows they all fit in. I, however, am not feeling that way. I think we expect to go into high school and have the most amazing three years of our lives, and for some that may be the case, but I think for the majority of people it isn't. Each morning I am trying to wake up with a positive attitude about school, but I still don't seem to enjoy it at all. To be honest, online schooling sounds really good to me right now. I don't know..maybe its just me missing Emily. She left for Texas on Monday..and I'm still getting used to her being gone. Life's going to be so incredibly different without her here. I definatly balled my eyes out a few times this week, and was on the verge of tears a few times at school. There's going to be no one here to eat raw cinnamon buns with at three in the morning, no one to get the latest Indy music's just different without one of my best friends around. I feel like these changes have come at me like a ton of bricks. I thought I was strong and ready for these changes, but now I'm feeling week and not prepared. I just wish life would slow down. I wish there was a pause button that I could press to take a break from life. But, obviously there isn't. So I'm going to have to pray that life gets better soon :)

with love, peace, and some happiness,

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