Friday, October 28, 2011

Peace and quiet. Sometimes it nice to get away from the busy bustle of students in the hallways. Chatter and irrelevant laughter. It's nice to sit alone, quietly in the library and focus God, music and my blog. I know I know, I've been terrible at posting lately. I apologize for that haha. I would say it's because I've been super busy.. but to be honest I have not been busy at all. I have just been enjoying regular Starbucks visits with friends. Chatting over a hot coffee, inhaling the oh-so addicting smell of coffee grounds. I swear the people at Starbucks think i have no place else to be, cause I'm there four out of seven days haha. Whether it's by myself, working on homework, having God time, or with company, I always seem to be there! I have been enjoying sitting and reflecting on my future and what God has in store for my relationships. I have been enjoying the last little bit of fall before winter rolls in. I can tell my favorite season is coming to a close because of the bare trees and the cold, chilling air that blows through my hair as i stand at the bus stop. I am so pumped for this coming weekend. Ignite is a youth conference that is held every year at my church, and each year grows bigger and bigger. This year Starfield is coming! So stoked :) Coming together with hundreds of youth, worshipping for an entire weekend..what could be better? I am preparing my heart for what God has to teach me and I know God is going to do amazing things in the hearts of everyone there. I will definatly blog more about Ignite when the weekend comes to a close :)

{ favorite music at the moment }

Dirty and Left Out [by] The Almost
Liar [by] Mumford & Sons
Bombs Away [by] Kyle Andrews
Awake My Soul [by] Mumford & Sons
Daydreamer [by] ADELE ( pretty much her whole album, '19' )

with love, peace and happiness,

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