Sunday, July 31, 2011

{ my faves }

these aren't really in any particular order - i would be here forever stressing over which to pick as my number 1 haha.

+Braveheart (mmm..Mel Gibson in a kilt ;) who doesn't love the site of that?!)
+Book of Eli
+The Breakfast Club (classic 80's movie..if you haven't watched it now!)
+Pride and Prejudice (the version wit Keira Knightley)
+A Walk to Remember - boys take notes!

+Indy/Alternative/Folky (although i do enjoy some pop songs, the majority i find stupid haha. can you not find anything else to talk sing about but clubs, women and partying?!)
+anything 80's
+soundtracks (particularly the Braveheart and the Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe soundtrack)

+I really wish i was a book fanatic - one of those people who, (like my friend Brandon), have a room stashed full of books! I really am trying to get more into reading. At the moment I don't really have a favorite book nor a favorite author.

+People/People StyleWatch
+Rachael Ray :)

+Social Studies

+hmm..this is a hard one.. i'd say most anything my dad makes :)

+defiantly a tie between summer and fall!

+Smarties :) [I find it uber weird that they don't have smarties in the U.S.. At Mcdonalds (in the states) my sister tried ordering s Smartie Mcflurry and they looked at her like she was retarted! hahah]

{childhood memory}
+making plays and movies with Megan and Maddi (our cousins). No matter how hard we tried to make them serious they always turned out cheezy!

{clothing store}
+Forever 21
+Value Village (if you have the right eye for clothes and see potential it will quickly turn into your favorite store!)
+urban outfitters (if i could afford it haha)

{starbucks drink}
+hot: well Pike Place if i want plain coffee and White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha if i want something special aka more expensive $$ haha
+cold: blended strawberry lemonade or ice coffee with milk and just a tad bit of sweetener :)

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