Monday, August 1, 2011

{ the life of a summer hermit }

Yo Yo Yo!! Wuzz up homeskillets??
At the moment i should be working on a collage i have to do for the Gym 10 course i’m taking over the summer. However..i’m really board haha :P
Two things you should know about me..actually three random things..

1) I am a huge procrastinator (hence why i’m usually doing my homework right before bed or, if i have time, right before class :P)

2) I am a total night owl. I never was until junior high and then i started staying up crazy late all the time and pulling several all-nighters! I often find myself wide awake at 3 am..the only downfall is trying to get up for school the next morning haha.

3) I (as well as my sister, Emily) am addicted to nail polish. Yes, i is a very unhealthy addiction that consumes my life. hahaha just kidding! The only bad part is that I often find myself broke because i spend it all on nail polish. It was a fabulous suprise when i came home on sunday to find OPI’s “Dating A Royal” nail polish. eeek..we had wanted that color for so long!! Haha i probably sound so stupid right now..

Haha well anywhoo, I am kind of a hermit right now because all my friends are off on fun summer vacays or are out at camp :( thanks for abandoning me guys.. jkjk. I will see them in a week at camp :))

My daily schedule right now usually looks like this...

12:00 p.m. wake up
12:30 p.m. get out of bed
12:45 p.m. eat breaky..if i can find any good food in the pantry..
1 p.m. watch TV
2 p.m. get ready a.k.a try and make myself semi-presentable to the rest of the world. This usually consists of a baggy shirt, sweatpants and if im feeling like being extra presentable, makeup
3 p.m. pretend to be physically active and attempt to log hours for gym 10 :(
----do random crap for the rest of the afternoon till supper------>>
once again, do random crap..i honestly don’t know what i fill my days with...
Emily usually ditches me at this point to hang out with friends :(
-creep youtube until i get tired..then read my scary book
2:30 a.m. spoon Emily while she is sleeping because a) she wont let me when she is awake and b) wel..l i shouldn’t have read that fricken scary book about a serial killer breaking girls bones before bed..
3:45 a.m. finally fall asleep

then i start my day all over again
oh how exciting my life is....

with love, peace and happiness,
rachel..the loner hermit for life.

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