Sunday, August 28, 2011

{ a lovely day }

I have lived yet another year! Yayy Haha. Yesterday, august 27th, was my fifteenth birthday :) my day was fabulous- with lots if food, lots of laughs and great company. I started my day off by going to IHOP for breakfast with my mom and Emily (my sister). Unfortunately my dad had to stay home because he had an awful head ache :( poor daddy! I planned to get my favorite, stuffed French toast, but then I saw they had funnel cakes for a limited time only! Well, I HAD to get them :) haha. Who doesn't love deep fried dough?! I swear I gained like twenty pounds by the time I left that place! Oh, and our server, Eddie, was quite the interesting guy. He was defiantly hitting on me and my But it made for all the more fun. After breakfast, me and Emily did a little shopping at Value Village! (for those who don't know what value village is, it's a huge thrift store.) It was a very successful shopping trip, and we found a lot of great pieces. Once you get past the dingy smell, and search through the endless racks of other people's junk, you will often find some treasures. The key is to have lots of time and a good eye- you have to see beyond the hanger and think about how you could make that piece of clothing trendy :). Once we finished shopping, we went over to the Johnston's house (family friends) and had a great supper and hung out. They have two boys, Kyle is my age, and Levi is two years older. There were defiantly lots of nearly pee-my-pants moments haha. We always have a fun time together!

So, overall I had a great day..although I do not feel any older :P But the day will eventually come when i wish i felt younger. I am excited for many more birthdays with great friends..and of course great food :D

With love, peace, and happiness,
the belated birthday girl, Rachel

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